Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Did you notice the sun this afternoon? There was a distinct ring around it that had a hint of crystal color. Right next to it, in the crisp blue sky was a pocket of rainbow color. It was incredible. Just part of this magical weekend! The first planting of the season, the first picnic, a new challenge, kids running around without their shoes, boys playing on the hoop, family time on the deck ... all around me the sights and sounds of summer. Long awaited, highly anticipated, blue skies, warm air, and a bubbly anticipation of what is coming!

As we walked into Highland Gardens Saturday morning I was filled with the excitement that comes with the first planting of the season. The flowers and plants were abundantly blooming and just calling out our names.... plant me, take me home, I will be all that you want me to be... so we did!
My own little herb garden

We spent the day Saturday playing in the dirt, (my back sure hurt at the end of the day from all of that 'playing') enjoying a picnic with Sadi in the shade of the day, and scooping up every ounce of sunshine that was available!
Sadi & Grandma's first picnic of the season

Sunday brought more of the same... family time outside, eating on paper plates (gasp) boys playing ball and kids screaming down the sidewalks in cars and roller coasters, strollers and little bare feet.

Jenna and Colin taking a ride
Andrew and Zac seriously playing some ball
Parker and Jaycee
Baby Cash
Cousin chat time

Jesse watching over the ice cream (so yummy) Chocolate banana today (thanks Rach)
Grandpa and Colin

It was a magical weekend!

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