Monday, September 20, 2010


One week ago  Rachel gave birth to her little baby girl Paisley! Even typing the words it seems unbelievable. Ever since Rach was a little girl she has wanted to be a 'mommy.' She cared for her dolls with precision. She bathed them, and combed their hair. She wrapped them in their blankies and cuddled and rocked them. When anyone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would always say 'I'm going to be a mommy!'

Now her dreams have found reality. She was admitted into the hospital last Sunday, September 12 at 7:00 am. She was in active labor- but more than that she was present, and calm and ready. I was prepared for her to be scared, and nervous... but I wasn't prepared for the peace. There she lay, completely calm and enjoying every moment. With her 'blankie' cuddled around her she was drinking

in the experience. Everything progressed quickly, and still the calm stayed put. Summer and Jenna arrived with anxious support. Summer brought with her cupcakes to celebrate Paisley's entrance into the new world.

Her room began to fill with lovely women... London, Hayley, Emily, Jacey, Chris,and  Jesse's mom and sister. For some that would seem overwhelming, but for Rachel it was perfect. Things were as they should be. 

As you can imagine the room had a tangible spirit with excitement and laughter but more importantly love and support. Rachel said she had the opportunity to look into each one of those women's eyes and she was strengthened by their steadiness. 15 minutes after this picture was taken we met Paisley...

I can not put into words the spirit in the room as she took her first breath and looked into her mommies eyes for the first time. What a gentle moment!
Others began to trickle in and that little girl was welcomed to the world by a room full of people who instantly loved her. With a toast to Mommy and baby girl the world has been changed forever!

Welcome to the world our baby Paisley!

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  1. I love Rachel! She was amazing that day. And baby Paisley is definitely a blessing from heaven. :)